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Having retired from the Corporate world in 2005, my wife (Judy) and I bid farewell to the hustle & bustle of city life and re-located to a small farm at Kromdraai, near Bela Bela (Warmbaths), in the Southern Limpopo bushveld.

Judy's passion for animals has no saturation point and it was not long before the first aviary went up to accommodate budgies. This was soon followed by another aviary for doves. Other species such as cockatiels, lovebirds, bourkes & ringnecks "miraculously" found their way to Judy. The budgies & doves bred well, but she had little (if any) luck with breeding the other species. She became involved with online chatgroups & auctions, where breeders generously offered advice. Success followed slowly. In the meantime, my involvement was limited to the building of aviaries & nesting boxes.

I preferred watching the wild birds in the garden, ranging from the pretty small blue waxbill to the fear inflicting african hunting eagle, the latter being regular visitors during/after the breeding season of guinea-fowl. I however slowly got hooked and now bird breeding has become a way of life. (All this despite some very close encounters Judy had with dangerous snakes, such as puffadder, cobra, boomslang & even a mamba.)

I visited many websites and what bothered me most was the difficulty in navigating some of these sites and the fact that very little exposure is given in South Africa to breeding the "happy" cockatiel .

I decided to establish this site to promote, advance & support bird breeding & keeping in SA, but with extra emphasis on cockatiels .

Services offered on this site can be viewed on the "Birds for sale & Bird Images" pages. Most of the services such as the classified ads will be free of charge and only commercial advertisements & extended auctions will be subject to a nominal fee, only to recover administrative costs such as data & franchise fees

We invite all bird breeders & keepers to join us in this venture. Johan & Judy Malan ..

A big special thanks to Gerrit Malan of Pretoria, who designed the website (0605889869  // ), for his effort & asistance to make this dream come true !




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